We Are Legion. (Day 8 of “8 Days for Ethan”) 5

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Day 8 of “8 Days for Ethan”

Goal:  To Spread the Word by doing your own “8 Days for Ethan”.

I know what you are thinking:  I don’t have time for that.

I hear ya’…a “serial” blog is TOUGH, don’t get me wrong.  So, I’d like to see if I can try to make it easier for you.


Step 1: Choose 8 things

List 8 things that you would like your followers to do:  contact a news reporter, celebrity, write a letter to a person, etc.  Make them 8 easy things.  Use the list of “Focus Groups” below to stimulate your creativity.


Step 2: Choose 8 days.

Nobody says that they have to be consecutive days.

They could be 8 Mondays, or 8 weekends, or 8 First Fridays…you get the idea.  The goal is to be as consistent as you can, because “serial blog posts” do increase readership – people like participating in traditions, campaigns, plans, regular events, etc.

In fact, nothing says it has to be “8 Days”.  It could be “8 Letters for Ethan”, or “8 Phone Calls for Ethan” or “8 Emails for Ethan”.

Step 3:  Simplify your 8 things.

Look at your list of 8 things.  Try to do what you are going to post about in 15 minutes.  If you can do it, write it and save the draft.

Do that for each of your 8 things.


Step 4: Draft your posts.

Nothing wrong with spending a week planning and preparing your “8 Days”, so that when it is time to launch, all you have to do is publish your post.


Step 5: Build up some buzz. 

This is one area I could have done better. I posted once about “8 Days for Ethan”, and circulating that blog letting folks now it was happening next week.

If I could do it again, I’d tweet about it and post about it to Facebook even more in the days leading up to the event.


Step 6: Make your last step asking others to do what you did. 

Help your readers – even if it is only one that is following your “8 Days” – see how easy and fun and cathartic it can be to do an 8 Days for Ethan Campaign.


Step 7:  Have fun.

I had a lot of fun doing the doodles for the 8 Days. Find something that makes it fun and use that to keep yourself and your followers motivated.

Go out there – start your own “8 for Ethan” campaign.  Let me know about it – I’ll follow, participate and spread the word about it.



10 Tips for starting your own “8 Days for Ethan” Campaign

TIP # 1: Focus on Groups that can make a big “Splash” or generate a lot of word-of-mouth.

Focus Group 1: Media or reporters

Focus Group 2: State or Federal Legislators

Focus Group 3: State or Federal Government Officials in the Executive Branch (Dept. of Justice, FBI, etc)

Focus Group 4: National or local advocacy groups

Focus Group 5: Community leaders (church leaders, big groups like Rotary, etc)

Focus Group 6: Local Law Enforcement

Focus Group 7: Celebrities, authors, movie-stars, athletes.

Focus Group 8: Those who have large networks: other activists, teachers, bloggers, etc.

Focus Group 9: Private companies: Regal Theater, the Mall Security company, the property manager of the mall, the owner of the property, the actors and makers of the movie after which Ethan was killed.  You get the idea…find a company with a connection, and push for their support.

Focus Group 10: The 3 men who killed Ethan.  They are out there.   Apparently one of them attempted to cool the other 2 down…at least that’s what I read in one newspaper article.  See if you can get that one to come out and talk about what happened. That’s a BIG challenge: are you big enough to take it on?

TIP #2. Keep it Simple.

The harder your action, or the harder it is to describe, the less likely you are to get someone to take action.

TIP #3: Use Social Media.

All activities should point back to forms of social media:  For example: tweet the blog post, Post your letter in the comments section, etc.

TIP #4:  Real Action beats Social Media Action.

Anything you can do to get folks off the computer and interacting in the real world is great:  if I had one more day in my 8 Days for Ethan, it would have been  ”Tell one co-worker, one stranger, and one store clerk about Ethan Saylor”.

TIP #5: Repeat Actions are Perfect, too.

Don’t worry if you repeat a Step someone else did.  The more the merrier. Remember, at this point, the goal is to raise awareness and public attention.  That’s it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  With that goal, copying someone else’s ideas might actual be a great idea.

TIP #6: Be Creative.

A Twitter Rally, Facebook profile picture changes, are a couple creative ideas.  What if someone edited the Wikipedia pages of the 3 Killers and redefine their names like happened to Rick Santorum.  (Right or wrong, it raised attention and drew more than a couple folks on the fence out to vote or donate to his and his opponent’s campaigns.)

Ideally, I would love to do “Pizzas for Ethan”.   Ethan allegedly loved pizza.  Each day, someone agrees to buy a pizza and have it delivered to NDSS Executive Director Jon Colman’s house saying: “This Pizza is from Ethan Saylor.  Will you help us get #JusticeForEthan?” I may still do that….could you imagine, getting 8 pizzas a day at your house with the same message?  Email me if you are interested in “Pizzas for Ethan”.

I bet you have one that you think would be cool if everyone did: do that one!

TIP #7: Effort matters more than results.

If you have 1 person doing your campaign, its worth it.  We don’t know how far the ripples from one pebble will reach, so it’s best to just get the pebble in the water and let nature take over from there.

TIP #8: Be bold.  

Don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers.  Frankly, some feathers need to be ruffled.  The sheriff, his deputies, the Maryland Prosecutor that “tipped the pitch” to the grand jury, and the NDSS have been far too comfortable for far too long.  A mother’s son died: its time for Justice.

TIP #9.  Be easy.  

Nobody said the “8 Days” have to be consecutive days. Try 8 Mondays for Ethan, or something like that.

TIP #10. Tell me about it.

Tell me about your “8 Days for Ethan” campaign. I’ll join you, and I’ll cross-post, tweet, share and otherwise disseminate your links.

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