There are worse things in the world than silence. 7

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Little Bird ?

Frankly, I’ve never been that big of a fan of personal blogs.

I blog for my law practice; for a unique area of the law there is no better way to boost Google rankings than a legal blog.   But blogging about myself? My newborn baby?   I never saw myself doing that.

Then Little Bird came along.  He was diagnosed at birth with Downs Syndrome; in the ensuing minutes, hours and days, the inadequacy and insensitivity of the medical profession, family members, friends, and  random strangers took center stage.

I had to say something about that, right? A blog seemed the appropriate forum.

But how to blog, that is the question.  What would my goal in blogging be – what would my blog voice be?

One of my earlier thoughts was that I should blog about the experience so that others can avoid or learn from my mistakes.  But others are already doing this – and doing a far better job of it.

I was shocked to learn that the fear of Downs Syndrome led to early termination of the pregnancy 90% of the time.  That’s when the thought occurred to me that I could  use the blog to point out to the world that having a newborn with Downs Syndrome isn’t all that bad.   However, I simply am too new at this “baby-with-Downs” thing to know if my premise is even true.  (I don’t even know how I want to describe Little Bird…is he a Baby with Downs? A Downs-Baby? A Baby that was diagnosed at birth with Downs? Just a baby? Just Little Bird?).

I also considered using the blog to chronicle Little Bird’s early life so that our out-of-town family members could be a part of his childhood even from long distances.  So many  stories of childhood are lost to time, and they could be preserved in a blog.   There’s two reasons not to do that too, I suppose.

First, I just don’t want Little Bird to have his whole childhood (the ups and the downs, the personal and the private) laid out for all the world …. future friends, classmates, girlfriends, employers, etc.

Second, I want a place where I could write about even my most raw of feelings and thoughts, without worry of how it would impact my family, my children, my work, or more.

In the end, I suppose the best thing is to let this blog find its own voice, over time.

If that never happens, well, there are worse things in the world than silence.

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7 thoughts on “There are worse things in the world than silence.