Would you like to trade babies? (Just kidding)

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LB20130204(noise)Momma Bird tried to warn me that these first few weeks were going to be rough.  She said (paraphrasing) that babies  drive you to the precipice of exhaustion, and right when you are about to jump off, they bust out a smile or a giggle and invigorate you for the next 3 months of baby care.

I don’t think I really believed her.

After all I’d been to Army Ranger school, where we often went days without eating or sleeping.  I survived law school – studying some of that nonsense was so difficult for me that I often didn’t sleep more than 2-3 hours a night, if I was lucky.   I started my own law firm, working 80-100 hours a week for nearly 2 years straight to drum up the clients and cases that would put food on the table. (Okay, that was actually a lot of fun).

After experiencing all that, how hard could Little Bird’s first 12 weeks REALLY be?

Oh, what a foolish, foolish man I was (am?).

I had no idea how difficult it would be to survive these first few weeks with my sanity intact.  Little Bird has yet to fall into a reliable sleep schedule.  If he sleeps 4 hours straight, I’m ready to start believing a god is answering my prayers.   Sometimes he can go 3 hours between meals, sometimes he needs to eat every hour.   All of this requires intense parental participation – and not just from Momma Bird.  Dad’s participation in those first 3 months is incredibly important to the emotional development of a baby.

And then there is the crying.  My lord, the crying.  If you’ve had a newborn, you know what I’m talking about.  If there is a god, please, please, no more crying.

On top of all the baby care, the Momma care, and trying to keep from neglecting our 2 older kids…I’ve still got to bring home the bacon.  I run my own law firm (and am starting another – much bigger – business with many more moving parts).   I do all this from a home office, so even when I’m “at work”, I am still knee deep in baby care.

On top of all that, Momma Bird has been sick for 2 days with a particularly nasty seasonal germ.

Point is, we’re all exhausted.

And so today,  I ignored the pressing obligations of work, and spent the better part of the day looking at photos of your baby.  Yes yours, too. And yours.

I’m not stalking you – I promise.  (Although, I have considered emailing a couple of you to see if you are interested in trading babies). I just was enjoying seeing the fun times that are just coming into sight for us – families enjoying vacations, dress-up days, posing for pictures, etc.

I’m ready for the happy side of Little Bird’s personality to come out.   I’m ready to see him smile, and to hear him giggle.   I know its coming – I know that first “Hey-Daddy-I-know-who-you-are-smile” is just around the corner.

Until then, I’m going to sustain myself by living vicariously through the photos of the families in the DS Blogger community.

And if any of you want to trade babies, I’m just an email away….

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