Ripple in Still Water… 1

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LB20130205(ripple)Little Bird’s Dad is slowly stepping into the morass of connectivity that is social media.  As I figure out how best to use a particular social media platform, I’ll post about it here.  Any social media Little Bird reaches out with has to meet 2 criteria:

1) It has to keep Little Bird’s real identity (and mine) a secret.  Sure, a good detective will figure out who we are, but I’m really trying to make sure that Little Bird can choose how he wants to interact in the world when he grows up and not be bound by the musings of his Dad.

2) I want to use social media a bit more creatively in my persona as Little Bird’s Dad than I do in real life.

So….drum roll….I introduce you to the Little Bird’s Dad  Facebook page.  Click here to see the page.  Like it, love it, share it.  Or don’t.

Here’s what I’d like to do on Facebook: share stories in the news about children with Downs Syndrome. Some of them will be happy stories. Some will be sad stories.  And a lot of them will be “shares” of the Group Hugs posted by Andrew – sorry, nothing beats a hug.

Please share these stories on your own Facebook pages.

Maybe someone will be less cruel to a child with Downs Syndrome.

Maybe someone will start – or support – an organization in the Downs Syndrome community.

Maybe it will help to Spread the Word to End the Word.

Who knows how far the ripples can reach, but first, you have to throw a pebble in the water.

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