10 Reasons I need a smile from Little Bird. 1

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LB20130208top10Dear Little Bird,

Its been 12 weeks.  It’s time for you to smile.  Intentionally…not those “sleep-smiles” that are so flippin’ adorable.

Here are 10 reasons I really need you to stop crying and give us that first intentional smile, Little Bird.

Poppa Bird

10. Watching you swing is making me sea-sick. A little variety, please?

9. Because I’m your Poppa and I’m in charge.

8. If you keep crying all the time, your face will freeze like that.

7. The neighbors think we are beating you.

6. Because Santa doesn’t visit crying babies (ok, it’s not Christmas, and Santa will come even if you cry…but do you see how desperate I am for a smile?)

5. People will think you are British… They NEVER smile.

4. Do I have to have a reason, can’t you just do me a solid?  (That’s a man thing, just follow my lead for now.)

3. Speaking of solids, I clean – with the sheer enjoyment that only Poppa Bird can muster – the Poonami that hits your diaper every day. That’s worth 20 smiles.

2. You’ve been hogging Momma Bird’s breasts for 3 months… the least you can do is toss me a smile. Call it a Daddy Tax.

1. Because I’ve mentioned Momma Bird’s breasts on a public blog, I’m in deep doo-doo. I mean really deep doo-doo.  A smile from you would take all the heat off me for a couple hours.

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