Starting Next Week: Eight Days for Ethan – Turn Tension into Action 18

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LB20130330(8forEthan)Ethan Saylor’s last words, suffocating after 3 off-duty rent-a-cops hog-tied him in a movie theater, were “I want my Mommy.”

Are you a mother? Are you a father?

Close your eyes and imagine the terror that your child would have to be in to call out for their mommy for mercy and help.  Now imagine how brutal you would have to be to ignore that plea from a man whose only “crime” was to follow the direction of his chaperone and wait in the theater for her to get the car.

This situation is police  brutality at its core.   It’s time to make the “powers that be” aware that this incident will not go away, the level of tensions will rise, and we will not forget.

So, starting today, and for the next 8 work-days, I am going to post 8 steps to turn our tension into action: 8 Steps for Ethan.

The 8 steps I will post about will be geared to take no more than 15 minutes a day.

Can you COMMIT to taking action for Ethan – just 15 minutes a day for 8 days?

If you can, please follow this blog, post your support in the comment section, or send me your email address, and I’ll make sure you get an email alert of each day’s “action item”.

Will you commit to taking action?

Will you commit to raising the level of awareness?

Will you commit to making sure that police brutality does not go unpunished?

Will you commit to protecting your children and family from police brutality?

Think it over.  Can you Commit to 8 Days for Ethan?

If you can, start at Day 1, and work your way through the 8 Steps – one day at a time, 8 days, and 15 minutes per day.

Day 1: Contact the Media. 

Day 2: Ask the FBI to find out what is going on in the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

Day 3: Sign the White House Petition, and ask the President to intervene.

Day 4: Contact your local church, and ask your local pastor(s) for help.

Day 5: Let’s get some National Advocacy! 

Day 6: What would your Police have done to your son or daughter?

Day 7: Involving Journalist George Will.

Day 8: We are Legion.

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