Why I can’t see so good. 11

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“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”. — Mark Twain.

There are some unusual items on my bucket list.  One goal is to stand in an empty baseball stadium, with a baseball game being broadcast over the PA system, and watch the game unfold, in my imagination on the field in front of me.  I practice for this opportunity when I’m working out in the yard, or cleaning the pool, by putting a game on the radio and listening while I work.

So many distractions can pull me away from the game.  How did THAT thing get in the pool filter screen?  Is there a 6′ rattlesnake under this pile of lumber I’m moving?  Why won’t the kids ever pick up their toys in the yard? Does my dog really poop THAT much?

The only skills that get focused in these moments are frustration, annoyance, and fear.

Baseball radio announcers don’t often help me practice, either.

For those of you that don’t listen to radio broadcasts of baseball games, they are essentially worthless these days.   Broadcasters spend more time prattling on about the general manager’s actions, front-office strategies, and the social lives of players than they do on the game unfolding at that moment.   I have currently listened to 17 consecutive innings of radio baseball in the 2013 Season without an announcer telling his/her listeners whether the batter is a lefty or righty.    I think the last time I remember hearing an announcer talk about the positioning of the infield before a pitch was sometime in the late 1980s.

Notwithstanding the cause, the end result is the same.   Some distraction – created by me  or someone else – takes me away from seeing something unfold in the present moment.

The further I get from the present moment, the harder it is to see with my imagination.

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