By losing a holiday, we gained a stronger family. 2

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20130704.AllSick” ‘Tis healthy to be sick sometimes”

— Henry David Thoreau

We don’t know where the bug came from.

It started last Sunday – Little Bird developed a rash and quick onset of a fever. The doc diagnosed it as “Roseola“. Adults can contract this virus, but it was allegedly supposed to have only “mild symptoms”. (cough…bulls**t…cough)

Then, on Tuesday I posted an announcement of the Blog-About 2013, ran down to court to file some legal pleadings for a client and came home to take a nap. The next thing I knew, it was Thursday evening – I spent 48 hours laying in the dark, holding my head.

I’ve never had a worse headache in my life. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t walk (well). I couldn’t even sleep. I could, however, hear this one mouse farting in Oklahoma (and it was LOUD).

For 48 hours, I couldn’t do a damn thing to help Momma Bird with a sick infant (you’re an Absolute Bad-Ass, babe!).

I was never so happy to see my wife and children fall prey to this plague – it meant the disease was viral, and wasn’t something horrifying like West Nile Virus or the Black Death. By the time Yankee Bird vomited for the 5th time in 24 hours, I decided to stop drafting my Last Will & Testament.

For the next 3 days, the 5 of us hunkered down in the house. We watched movies together. We played video games together. We made soup and snacks together. We cleaned up after each other (a first, I promise you). By the end, we even did some arts and crafts together. (Thanks, Kelle Hampton, for THIS awesome post about butcher paper)

We missed the 4th of July fireworks. We missed the coolest July weather in North Texas since 1924 (temps in the 60’s – 80’s not the 100’s). We missed seeing a lot of friends and family on the holiday. Yankee Bird even missed his Little League All-Star Team’s final game.

But we gained a stronger family.

As Sister Bird said: “Families that puke together, stay together.”

What does your family do when you are all sick together?


** Sorry about missing a week’s worth of posts. I am now ready to resume regularly scheduled blogging. Come back tomorrow – and let’s ruffle some feathers.

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