A Pint of Guinness with Sheriff Chuck Jenkins. 1

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Pint of Guinness - Chuck Jenkins

While Egypt collapses, the Big 4 Cable “News” channels (HLN, CNN, FOX, and MSNBC) give us “gavel to gavel” coverage of  Zimmerman’s trial.

While Texans held a People’s Filibuster, CNN broadcast a cooking show.

While Turkish citizens stood strong for 5 days  against the violent will of an autocrat, CNN televised a documentary about penguins.

In case you haven’t figured it out:  “News” is what big dollar publicists pay to be called news.

When I read, “when will the media talk about Ethan Saylor?” my response is a question.

Who cares if cable news covers the story?

Cable news is irrelevant, its “reporters” but shills & hacks.

Whores in Murdoch’s harem. Infants suckling green milk at Ted Turner’s teat.  Ignoramuses disguised as informers.

There is another way.

YOU are the Media, now.

Turks gained support and forced the autocrat Erdogan to back down through blogs and tweets.

A streaming video on YouTube helped the people of Texas thwart the will of Old White Men who try to change the rules when they don’t like the outcome.

If you want outrage about the murder of Ethan Saylor, it must come from you.

If you don’t know about Ethan, learn. He was a mother’s son, a sister’s brother. He went to church twice on Sundays – literally.  A 26 year old man with Down Syndrome, murdered by three Paul-Blart-wanna-be bullies who crushed his larynx over a movie ticket.

If you do know about Ethan, be outraged. Tweet.  Retweet.  Share on Facebook. Blog. Do something, one thing, every day.

Use the hashtag #JusticeForEthan and I’ll stand with you.

Let’s Do it Different This Time.

A group of bloggers tried to raise awareness in April; the group’s resolve was squandered.

A clique within the group refused to let the movement grow beyond their limited vision. They forced the rest of the group to accept a “unified message”  (which, conveniently, meant exclusive traffic through their blogs).  They instigated paranoid debates about  ulterior motives.

Some were vilified for promoting Down Syndrome Awareness training in the law enforcement community.  This is a mild, yet still offensive, accusation of ulterior motive a well-known DS Blogger directed at me. (Portions were blurred out to protect the identity and privacy of its author):

GS2 Blog Message

If glam media coverage is your goal,  save your pennies, hire a publicist, and place Ethan’s Murder in the “news”.

If traffic to your blog is what you want, insist on “unity of action” and shut all others out.

If you want #JusticeForEthan, “Be the Outrage”.

Here’s one way to start:

8 Days for Ethan:  Activism for those that have less than 15 minutes a day.

This is just ONE way.  There are many others.  I support them all.

Tell me what you are doing and I’ll support you.

Forget “organizing”. Start demanding.

To those who would hide the truth, remember this always:

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We  do not forget.


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