18 Reasons I Miss My Step-kids. 14

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2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

That’s the summer custody arrangement that Momma Bird and her ex have with Yankee Bird and Sister Bird.  It’s very hard on Momma Bird to be without her kids for 2 weeks at a time.

There is no difference between being a Biological Dad and a Stepdad, and so when the kids leave to go to their father’s house for 2 weeks, I get more than a little sad myself.

Here are 18 things I will miss over the next  2 weeks

18. Seeing Sister Bird working diligently on her art portfolio for her High School applications.

17. Watching the BBC mini-series  Sherlock Holmes on Netflix with Sister Bird. (Seriously, you gotta check this show out).

16. Nightly sand-lot wiffle ball games with Yankee Bird, even though I lost 3 consecutive games by 1 run.

15. Playing hookie from work on a Friday afternoon to beat Yankee Bird at Sand Lot baseball 18-10. 🙂

14. Watching the MLB All-star game and Home Run Derby with Yankee Bird.

13. Swimming in the pool all weekend.

12. Little Bird’s exuberant smile when he sees Sister and Yankee Bird.

11. Enjoying, and being “wowed” by, contestants on America’s Got Talent with Yankee Bird.

10. Playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” as a piano duet with Yankee Bird.

9. Listening to Sister Bird learn to play the violin.

8. Talking Baseball with Little Bird.

7. Playing Monopoly (Star Wars Version…Yankee Bird STILL laughs at my “Give Vassek To Me” joke).

6. A house filled with noisy kids, and not darkened rooms where kids once played.

5. Watching Dr. Who with the kids.

4. After coming home from a day at baseball camp, Yankee Bird running in the front door, into my home office, and telling me everything that happened at camp.

3. Someone else picking up the dog poop in the backyard.

2. The sound of kid’s feet running across the roof.

1. Crazy YouTube videos Yankee Bird finds. (Here’s a favorite).

The good news? The kids will be back in 13 days….then we are off on the 2013 Summer Roadtrip.

Please vote on which of these  should be the destination for ou Summer 2013 RoadTrip:

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14 thoughts on “18 Reasons I Miss My Step-kids.

  • Nik M

    I am not voting for any of those places on your road trip: there is but one stop I would vote for! BBC’s Sherlock series is amazing. I miss my former step-kids so much. Great post!

  • Leigh Ann Arnold

    Voted for Chicago, treytons posse could maybe catch up with you there, only about 2 hours from us! You could also catch American and National League games there, always a good thing 🙂

    • Little Bird's Dad

      Yankee Bird and I are pulling hard for any city that has more than one baseball team! We’ve gotten to 9 stadiums together, and if we went to Chicago, we’d be able to bump that to 11 in one summer. 🙂

      In the true spirit of Chicago, vote early and often!! 🙂


      PS..Detroit is looking good, sitting atop the AL Central. Yanks are the laughingstock of the AL East this year.

      • Leigh Ann Arnold

        I started trying to get to as many ballparks as I could when I was a kid I haven’t sat down and counted lately but many are no longer the same, so now I have to make a few more trips ( I know I was at old Yankee Stadium but haven’t been to the new one yet). Anyway, I am not overly impressed with “my” Tigers yet, they seem to lack consistency and a bullpen, I’d like to see an 8-10 game winning streak and I might feel a bit better about them! Also, you are doing a great job with twitter, I can’t keep up with it all! Let us know if you decide to go to Chicago and would be interested in catching up with Treyton’s Posse I know Rob would enjoy it!

        • Little Bird's Dad

          Its looking like New Orleans is gonna be the road-trip 🙁 The doc wants to put Little Bird’s tubes in his ears on 7/31, and so we will only have 6 days for a roadtrip. 🙁

          I’m putting Michigan and the Great Lakes on our Roadtrip Dreamsheet, though, cuz we’d love to get up and meet the Posse!

          You are right, the Tigers are going to need a bit more out of the bullpen to get past the AL East in the playoffs (though it won’t be the Yanks, the AL East champ is likely be the team to beat in the post-season).

          As far as Twitter, I worry I’m tweeting too much. I use HootSuite (the free version) to schedule Tweets while I have a cup of coffee before everyone gets up.

          Hope all is well up your way!! My best to all of TreytonsPosse!!

  • Scully Speaks

    I miss my stepdaughters really bad right now too.They are at their biological mom’s and I have no idea if they will be home tmrw or in 2 weeks. Their biological mother was supposed to get them July 1…big shock, she was a no show, and FINALLY came to get them this past Friday. I miss them like crazy, but I know they need to see her, it’s healthy, even though her house is not the best place for them by any stretch. The house is too quite without “sisters” (as my 5 yr old and 2 yr old say). We are couting down the days til Aug 1 🙂
    I think on Thurs I’ll post about this, thanks 🙂