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Last week, I told Yankee Bird that our old neighbors – a lesbian couple – finally found a baby to adopt.  He’ll be born by C-Section in mid-December, and I was so excited to learn these  awesome women are going to have a baby that I’m beside myself.

Yankee Bird didn’t fully understand  why I was so excited.  Part of it was obvious – the part where I was just so happy that such good friends of ours finally were having a baby.

I explained to him that 15 years ago, a lesbian couple in Texas would have been unable to adopt.

Between laws that criminalized homosexuality, the  social stigma against gays and lesbians that dominates the south, and a political structure straight out of the 1350’s (not to mention the fact that our current sitting Governor  tries really hard to stay in the closet and convince people he’s hetero by enacting extremely anti-LGBT policies ), it was all but impossible for some Americans to have or raise children in Texas.

Yankee Bird’s response?  An eye-roll and an ambivalent “What-evs”.  It just didn’t matter to him.

To Yankee Bird, our  friends  are good and decent and caring and loving women that have as much right to have a child as any other couple out there.  Somewhere way down the long list of awesome things he has to say about these 2 women is that they are lesbian.

Point is – it’s just not a big deal.

Here’s what is a big deal:  the generation of people running our country are desperately trying to hold on to THEIR world.

The world that most of us have long since left behind and don’t want to return to.  The world that we will finally have a chance to make better once the Old White Men in public office – in the words of that Governor I mentioned above – move on down the road.

These older generations are the ones that have the problem:  younger generations of Americans don’t  have the  problems with race (and social issues) that the older generations did (and still do).

While not a direct quote, this is pretty close to the concept that Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway was sharing while talking about race relations on the local NPR edition of “Think”  a few nights ago.

I think his point is “spot-on”, as they say.  To my older kids (11 and 13), a lot of the cultural issues that divide older generations are, simply put, a waste of time.

Here’s what is a bigger deal:  our friends are having a BABY!!!   As with many couples that adopt, they found out pretty late in the pregnancy and are now scrambling to figure out what they need to have a baby in the house in just under 3 months.

Would you help them out?    Let’s start a list – in the comments section, will you write the 2 most important things that you think new adoptive parents need – or need to prepare –  to survive the first 6 months with Baby?

If all my loyal readers post 2 things, we should be able to put together an impressive list.

I’ll get it started….let’s try not to repeat.

#1:  At least a dozen inexpensive white/cotton onesies (there were days we went through 5+ outfits when Little Bird was in his “I HEART VOMIT” phase in month #2

#2:  Pre-make, and freeze, a lot of soups and easy dinners.  Momma Bird and I spent a whole weekend making and freezing 10-15 jars of spaghetti sauce, 3 lasagna trays, 4 or 5 types of soup, etc.   its time to eat

Your turn to share your 2 things a couple needs to survive the first 6 months of a newly adopted baby….

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12 thoughts on “…and Baby makes 3!

  • Rachel

    1-A ring sling!! My favorite is the Maya Wrap. I used one with all four of my kiddos. It’s awesome for constant snuggle contact and hands-free multi-tasking!
    2- an equally stocked cabinet of of coffee and wine. Coffee for the mornings when you’ve endured a night of relentless baby waking/feedings. Wine for the evenings when you’ve endured a day of relentless baby waking/feedings 🙂

  • Monkeybutlerneeded.com

    Decorative Basket (can be reused) Inside with gift certificates (delivery restaurants) Special bags of coffee/tea (Starbucks ect..) bags of chocolate covered espresso beans (emergency back up that saved me in college) Healthy snacks, Adoption Scrapbook (amazon) Small photo book with letter to new baby telling about their parents before their arrival (Also add Why they are going to be great parents). Being a new parent is hard sometimes they forget how special they are! Gift certificate (or 1st chance babysitting) Paint Your Own Pottery store for hand/foot prints on mug, plate or vase.

  • lisajohnsonsawyer

    FIRST off…THANK YOU for being a wonderful friend. My two best friends are lesbians. I wouldnt change them for anything. Oddly enough they say two is company three is a crowd? We three are like triplets. Except I am not gay. That being said, LOVE is LOVE. They are so blessed to have you in their lives.

    -) The one thing I lived by and still think is a phenomenal book is “What to Expect the First Year”. Detailed and easy to read. must have book!!!

    -) Bulk boxes of diapers and wipes from Sams Club, Costco, or Bjs. You can NEVER have enough. Start stocking up now.

    -) A baby swing…do they still have those? One of my children were colicky. This contrapction saved our lives many many nights. *loved* must find!

  • modernfatheronline

    I’ll list as many as I can think of but the first thing they need is patience and understanding. Oh so important.

    Whether they are using disposable nappies (diapers) or the new fancy cloth type, get the old style terry towelling nappies to use as a change table liner, poo cleaner-uperer, small towel for on the go. So many more uses.

    External support network. Very important to have.

  • singlemomtakingovertheworld

    I tried to stock up all on household items that way when the baby came it wasn’t three in the morning and I had no toilet paper! I am a single parent so it was defiantly one of the best things I did. It also helped that when I did need to go to the store with a newborn I wasn’t buying $400 worth of things. I had pretty much everything stocked up for a few months. It made it so much easier!