Justice for Ethan Saylor

Ethan Saylor was murdered by police that were not properly trained as to how to interact with citizens with Down Syndrome. Take Action to ensure that Ethan’s death was not in vain.

Starting Next Week: Eight Days for Ethan – Turn Tension into Action 18

by Ethan Saylor’s last words, suffocating after 3 off-duty rent-a-cops hog-tied him in a movie theater, were “I want my Mommy.” Are you a mother? Are you a father? Close your eyes and imagine the terror that your child would have to be in to call out for their mommy […]

The sound of terror. 22

by Recently, I was nominated for the Liebster Award.  The Liebster is a way to help find and discover new blogs – those with under 200 followers. With each award comes rules, and one of the rules I have to follow to “win” this award is  to answer 11 questions from my nominator.   Today’s question […]

No Mas: Stop police violence against Citizens with Downs Syndrome. 8

by Last night, I hugged Little Bird a little tighter. I savored the moment a little longer –  the feeling of this beautiful little boy snuggling up to me, curling his legs into my chest while he slept.  I burned the image of him sleeping, peacefully, in my arms, into […]