justice for ethan

What would your local police have done? (Day 6 of “8 Days for Ethan”) 6

by Day 6 of 8 Days for Ethan. TODAY’S GOAL:  To find out how YOUR police department would have responded if it was your child in a movie theater in your city/town. (Note from Little Bird’s Dad:  We will be back with Day 7 of “8 Days for Ethan” on Wednesday, April […]

Faith like a mustard seed (Day 4 of “8 Days for Ethan”) 3

by Day 4 of 8 Days for Ethan. TODAY’S GOAL:  Ask our churches to help us raise awareness of the pain of Ethan’s death, and the need for Justice for Ethan. We are halfway through “8 Days of Ethan”. The bible passage above today’s doodle has always been one of my […]

Starting Next Week: Eight Days for Ethan – Turn Tension into Action 18

by Ethan Saylor’s last words, suffocating after 3 off-duty rent-a-cops hog-tied him in a movie theater, were “I want my Mommy.” Are you a mother? Are you a father? Close your eyes and imagine the terror that your child would have to be in to call out for their mommy […]